Monday, September 8, 2014

Piece Of My Heart

            Well, after being gone for four wild and crazy months, I’m finally back in the city that I love to call home. After a delicious Mexican meal and seeing my family again, coming home to shower in my own private bathroom, and now sitting on my soft mattress with a glass of ice water that I didn’t have to walk down to the employee village office to get, it definitely feels great being home again. One of the best things about being away for so long is that I learned to better appreciate coming back home.
            Last night at the Whistle Pig consisted of eating pizza, watching football, putting music on the jukebox, and playing pool with Nate, Brian, and a bunch of other employees. Hugging and saying goodbye to everyone one last time was hard; I’ll miss all of those people a lot. I really hope that one day I’ll get to see Nate, Cristina, Tanner, and Jesse again; they’ve felt like a second family to me. But whether our goodbye was temporary or permanent, one thing’s for sure: we made some great memories together this summer.
The drive to the airport with Jesse this morning was pretty much the perfect way to end my time in that park. We left the lodge at about 5:15, when it was still dark out. There was a big full moon in the sky, though, that was just getting ready to sink behind the mountains. That moon provided just enough light to let me admire the beautiful area around me, and perfectly silhouetted the Teton Range against the sky. Jesse and I talked about the beauty of the place, future plans, and life in general on the drive. I’m really glad I got to spend those last forty-five minutes or so with him.
The flights back home were really easy, despite being the first time I’ve flown by myself. I felt a little rushed at the Dallas airport since my layover was less than an hour and I had to go basically all the way across the place to get to my new gate, but I made it with some time to spare.
This will be my 125th post to this blog, and it looks like it’ll also be the final one. Writing these daily posts has been a ton of fun for me, and it’s been great to be able to look back over them and remind myself of all of the crazy experiences I had this summer. I don’t think I’m done with blogging as a whole; I guess now I’ll just have to find a new theme. I’m really happy to be back home in San Antonio, but I’m pretty sure I left a piece of my heart in Wyoming today. Goodbye, Grand Teton National Park. Thanks for giving me the best summer of my life. 

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